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Things to Know Before Buying A New Car

If you are going to buy a new car there are certain things you should consider first. A first timer is prone to making mistakes especially when one does not know the tricks of a great car deal. Do not get fooled by your Read More

The Best-Selling Cars of All Time That You Can’t Miss

The best-selling cars around the world are not the most luxurious, nor do they have super powerful engines. These cars have a practical approach and are built to serve us in our day to day lifestyle. We have to realise that cars are more Read More

The Importance of Regularly Maintaining or Servicing Your Car

Being a mechanic and car enthusiast, I am often asked the question more than any other, do I really need to get my car serviced or maintained every single year? Now, I understand why people are so keen to hear my thoughts on them, Read More

Electric Cars – Like Them or Not, They Are Here to Stay!

You may well be wondering what a certified automobile enthusiastic and mechanic by trade is doing talking about electric cars? I assure you, a decade ago I would have sooner laughed in your face if you tried to get me to approach the subject, Read More

The Different Types Of Car Loans

If you are shopping for a new or pre-owned car, your first step should be figuring out what type of financing options there are out there. Before purchasing a car it’s a good idea to figure out the different types of car loans you Read More

Has the Hype Around Self-Driving Cars Died?

Has the hype around self-driving cars died? It sure seems that way, because if you look at any tech news circuits these days you probably won’t find a single mention of the once smoking hot topic of driverless cars. Why has the hype died Read More

The future of in automotive tech: What new developments can we expect to see in the next few years?

Car manufacturers are consistently working to come up with new and innovative technology to improve the driving experience. Whether it’s eco-friendly pedals, cruise-control or parking assist, today’s drivers are already feeling the benefits of these developments. But what’s new in automotive technology and what Read More

What should you always keep in your car?

We all hope that we’ll make it to our end destination with no hassle and without breaking down along the way. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and drivers across the world are faced with the risk of breaking down Read More

Car coolant explained

Coolant, which is also known as antifreeze, is a liquid which is added to water in an engines’ cooling system to stop it from overheating or freezing. Read More

How have the UK driving test changes been received and what can we learn from other countries?

It has been over a year since the driving test in the UK underwent a series of historic changes – the biggest in more than 20 years. In December 2017, it was announced that learner drivers would now have to follow a sat-nav system Read More