Avoiding the Naive Driver Blues

A fresh set of wheels which support a big car with a big engine no longer serves as the poster child of the American dream and the associated freedom, but it’s every bit as implied as it once so explicitly was. Do you remember the feeling you had when you climbed into a car which was yours – a car which you could take anywhere for as long as you wanted without your parents nagging you about putting up the mileage or having to bring it back with a full tank of gas?

We’ve come a long way in so many different ways since then, but for the progress which has been made in the automotive industry in general, the driver who doesn’t actively push-back remains the naive driver, prone to suffering the naive driver blues. There are so many different ways through which you’ve set yourself up to be continuously milked as a driver, for the mere fact that all you really want is a set of wheels to get you wherever it is you need to be and wherever it is you want to be.

As mentioned, in order for you to avoid this from happening and to minimise the inevitable ‘damage’ as far as is possible, you have to push back. You have to be the one to actively take some steps to avoid the naive driver blues because there are all manner of people who want to use your vehicle as a cash milking device. From the mechanic seeking to make a quick buck out of exaggerating any problems you might have with your vehicle to the original manufacturer-certified service station that has certain minimum service standards in place for identified problems, with a corresponding (high) fee to have to pay of course.

Shop Around

I suppose we’re a lot more fortunate these days to have the internet as a tool with which to discover some of the best deals we can get on pretty much anything and everything, so a quick Google search can confirm whether or not you’re being quoted the best price on whatever aspect of your vehicle needs attention, for example.

Go as Direct as Possible

For the most part if you deal with original manufacturers and suppliers you’ll not only get better quality (that lasts longer and needs less frequent replacement), but you’ll also get a better price because there is no middle man type retailer or service provider to have to deal with, who naturally seeks to make a profit for themselves.

Fight for Your Rights

If it means that you must get yourself an Orlando suspended license lawyer then so be it! It goes beyond fighting for your rights as a consumer to help avoid or minimise the possibility of suffering from the effects of the naive driver blues. The application of the law is often left to the discretion of the legal officer you come into contact with, so if for example you’re fined or you have to deal with the sorting out of your suspended license, there’s no guarantee that your matter will be handled fairly.

Fight for your rights!