The Best-Selling Cars of All Time That You Can’t Miss

The best-selling cars around the world are not the most luxurious, nor do they have super powerful engines. These cars have a practical approach and are built to serve us in our day to day lifestyle. We have to realise that cars are more capable of just looking good as fuel efficiency, low maintenance and durability matter a lot in the long run.

Here are some of the cars that have stood the test of time and broken sales records.

Volkswagen Passat

The popular car has been through seven redesigns since its arrival in 1973. The company has been able to sell more than 15.5 million cars. This made it one of the best-selling cars from Volkswagen. It has always been seen as a family car that has a hint of luxury to make it an overall package for the buyers. Although the sedan market was always competitive, yet Passat was able to stand out with the international audience.

Honda Accord

Honda has sold around 17.5 million Accords since it arrived as the little brother of Honda Civic.  Being the first car produced by Honda in America, it gave a new option to the saturated American market that made it the bestselling car for many years. It is a family car that banks on its practical approach towards everyday commute.

Ford Escort

The car was already a best seller in Europe since 1968 before it arrived in America in 1981.  Ford was able to sell more than 18 million cars in the international market when Escort finally met its demise in 2003. The company launched it again in China in 2014 as Ford Focus and met with success thereafter. It has also been used as a rally car in almost all of the finest motor shows of the world.

Lada Riva

The car was first seen in Soviet Union in the year 1980 with the name of Lada Nova/AutoVAZ VAZ-2101. It was a humble reincarnation of Fiat 124 which was sold way back in 1966. We do not have any official number for the units sold by Lada but they are probably in millions. The car still rolls down in the streets of Egypt as a regular vehicle for the residents beside the river Nile.

Volkswagen Beetle

It is probably the most popular car ever made as its bold design and tremendous power made it a hot favourite among the youngsters. The 60s saw it emerge as a symbol of freedom while it grew to have the longest production time period a car ever had. It was cheap and funky which matched the style quotient of the counter culture in the 1960’s.

Toyota Corolla

The car first rolled out in 1966 and captured the imagination of almost all the car lovers back then. It became the bestselling car of the world by 1974 and is still purchased after more than 43 million units have been sold. Being loved by a diverse audience it released units from rear wheel to all wheel drive.

It would be hard for any car to beat the milestones set by these legends but we do hope that someday a new car challenges their authority.