How to Make Your Bike Ride Safer Than Ever Before

Bike rides have always been risky. Motorcycle accidents have proved to be more lethal than car accidents because of lack of a protective metal chassis around the body. Although the risk factor is high, yet nothing feels more fun and refreshing than a bike ride.

In order to ensure safety, you should follow some guidelines that can save you from an unwanted crash that can be life-threatening.

Wear gear

It is always better to wear leather jackets, boots and thick pants instead of a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Wearing the right clothing will save you from scratches and scars while goggles will protect your eyes from dust and bugs. You can also buy specially designed gear for summers. Helmets cannot be ignored as wearing them dramatically reduces the chances of any fatal injury.

Last minute check

You should check your bike for any leakages or breakage before hitting the road. Always make sure the tire pressure is correct, the side mirrors are aligned at the right angle and the lights are working. Any loose bolt can lead to a serious accident even if you have been consistent with your bike’s maintenance.

Focusing on road

There are countless distractions when one rides a bike and they are the reason for accidents more than half of the times. Bike riding is often met with curves, gravel, slippery patches, potholes and uncontrolled traffic. Focusing on road will also keep you alarmed about rail tracks, bridges, white lines and stoplights.

Passenger is important

A person sitting on the passenger seat is potentially dangerous as they can easily make the bike unstable. Your passenger should know the importance of sitting still and should be wearing riding gear. They can cause accidents if they do not know to respond on turns and immediate brakes. If the person is sitting for the first time on your bike then it’s better to ride slowly before hitting full throttle.

Braking is an art

Applying brakes on your motorcycle is nothing less than an art that is mastered after repeated attempts. Make sure to get used to the braking mechanism every time you handle a new bike. The braking techniques change with climate, road conditions and weight on the bike.

It is better to test run a bike in different road conditions as you can always make mistakes while applying brakes. Try to keep a safe distance from vehicles moving in front as you can hit them if you apply emergency brakes.

Don’t forget a turn of the head

You can never solely depend on side mirrors to get an idea of your surroundings. Turning your head is one of the easiest ways to calculate the correct distance of things around you. Always keep your eyes and head up and look over your shoulders before making any turns. The other vehicles will also pay attention to your moves as side turn blinkers are often ignored especially in day time.

These tips will help you in safely riding your bike. Always stay alert on roads as you can suffer due to the mistakes of other drivers. Share these tips with your friends, you might save a life.