Car Theft Is On The Rise

Car theft is on the rise. The statistics are shocking. In fact, auto theft has increased almost 11% in the last two years. Is your car safe from thieves?  The answer to that question is probably not unless you install a car alarm system. The first step is an online search for audio alarm near me.

The good news is that when they are used properly, car alarms can greatly reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen. In fact, when installed correctly they can even prevent windows from being broken out during a break in.

Protect yourself with a high-quality audio alarm, and with the holidays around the corner, protect those you love with a gift of safety. Car alarms make a great gift whatever the occasion. What can you do to stay safe from theft?

Car Theft Facts

Car theft is a crime that is associated with the night, but the truth is that it can happen any time of day. Here are some other things you can do to help prevent car theft:

  • Keep your car in a well-lit area
  • Make sure all of your doors have sturdy locks
  • Don’t leave any property in plain view
  • Park near your office

If you have no choice but to park on the street, try to park under streetlights if possible. More than half of stolen cars contain expensive catalytic converters, which are harder to steal in view of other people.

Tires are also an easy entry point for thieves, so make sure yours are properly inflated and have no nicks, slashes, or cracks in them.

Are Car Audio Alarms Effective?

Car audio alarms have been around for decades and have been shown to be extremely effective at deterring thieves from stealing vehicles that have them installed. Most alarms come with a variety of features that can be customized according to your needs and preferences.

If you live in a high-crime area for example, you might want to install a system with an audible siren so it can alert potential thieves from far away. If you live in a more rural area though, this probably isn’t necessary.

If you store your car in your garage overnight, an interior motion sensor is recommended so the alarm will only go off if someone opens the door or breaks a window but most experts agree a car audio alarm is your best option.