What should you always keep in your car?

We all hope that we’ll make it to our end destination with no hassle and without breaking down along the way. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and drivers across the world are faced with the risk of breaking down

To keep yourself safe in the event of a break down, there are some things that you should always keep in your car just incase.

A torch

A torch can not only be helpful for being able to examine your car in the dark, but it can also help you to signal to other drivers or the emergency services.

Spare coolant, oil and washer fluid

Whilst most motorists will have their cars serviced regularly and keep the fluids in their car topped up, it is not uncommon for drivers to break down due to running low on oil or alternatively having to pull over because they have lost visibility and can’t clear their windscreen.

By keeping spare fluids in your car, you are prepared for any situation and will have less chance of having to call for recovery.

Portable air compressor

Having damaged tyres and wheels is one of the most common causes of break downs in the UK. Having a portable air compressor will be handy for any instances where you have a flat tyre due to a slow puncture or after knocking the air out of it.

In preparation for any more severe punctures, you should check that you have a spare tyre and the tools required to change it.

Jump leads

Jump leads may not seem necessary, but when you have a flat battery and need to get your car started again, they will become invaluable. 

A phone charger

Whilst many motorways and dual carriageways will have an SOS phone nearby, having a charged mobile phone will make calling for assistance a much easier and safer process.

Make sure your phone is charged before any journey, or keep a portable charger handy if you don’t have a USB socket in your car.

Something warm     

You should always keep a spare winter coat in your car if you can, regardless of the weather. Not only will this keep you warm if your battery goes flat and you can’t have the engine on, it will be of use if you need to exit the car for safety or to find help.

Failing that, a blanket is a suitable alternative to keep in your boot all year round.  

Water and food

You are not expected to keep a constant picnic in the car, but keeping water and something non-perishable such as an energy bar will prevent you from becoming dehydrated and will keep your sugar levels up. Having food in your system can also help to keep your body temperature regulated.