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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Safest Way to Travel

The world is a dangerous place. People die every day in terrifying collisions, accidents and incidents. That being said, an overwhelming majority of people make it home safe to their bed every night. These people commute to work every day by car, or motorbike, Read More

An Interesting Week Spent with Classic Car Flippers

Well they’d probably give me a bit of grief for referring to them as classic car flippers and subsequently limiting their offering to one segment of the car customisation and restoration market, but I’m not going to be mentioning them by name in any Read More

It Will Be a Sad but Essential Goodbye to Diesel Cars Soon

Diesel vehicles are loved for their extreme power but despised for the harmful nitrogen oxide gas it emits into the atmosphere. Over time, the lowering quality of our atmosphere has led to disdain for diesel vehicles. The UK government will be stopped sale of Read More

How to Prepare Your Car For Selling

So you’re selling your car? Here’s all you need to know about how to prepare your vehicle for the all-important sale. Read More

How much will you spend on cars during your retirement?

Have you thought about how much you’ll potentially need to save for your retirement, to spend on leisure activities and items such as cars? According to the latest findings from True Potential’s retirement quiz, on average, men expect to purchase two cars during their Read More

All the Most Beautiful New Cars Arriving In 2018

For those who love cars, waiting for a new vehicle to launch could be very tough. Cars may or may not launch on their speculated dates, leaving people either surprised or high and dry. If you don’t want to end up in the same Read More