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Electric Cars

The state of the electric Vehicle Industry Today

As the times are changing, the electric vehicle industry is evolving too. With the market in its finest phase of development, the industry is in a better position than it has been ever before. In 2017 alone, 4,000 new registrations were added per month. Read More

The Best Electric Cars to Buy In 2018

The world has always been in awe of electric cars while being doubtful about their feasibility in the real world. The technology has seen rapid developments in the past few years. Now, these cars are boasting a spectacular performance, better than traditional cars while Read More

Why Electric Cars Are A Part of Our Beautiful Future

Buying an electric car is still a distant reality for many of us as the technology is quite new and we have our doubts about its success.  For the matter of fact electric vehicles have their own set of advantages over traditional vehicles. Companies Read More