About Dave

Welcome to Sad Motor, the website dedicated to all fans with a passion for automobiles of every kind! This is a unique site where all of us car enthusiasts can converge in the one place and share content and swap stories with one another about our love for anything car related! I hope you will join me and thousands of others on this road trip and immerse yourself in the wonderful community that this site is privileged to have.

Before we start out on our journey, let me take a few moments to introduce myself, my background and explain just why a website such as Sad Motor is long overdue.

My Story

My name is Dave Stephenson, and I am from the beautiful and captivating city of New Orleans in the US. It is in this thriving metropolitan state that I work as a professional mechanic, offering my expert knowledge and love of automobiles combined to all customers who entrust me with their pride and joy!

I feel massively privileged to work in an industry which I have loved since I was a young boy. Everyone who has known me has known of my obsession with tinkering with cars since I was old enough to walk! It all started out with a few vehicles which my father would have stored in his garage and which he worked on whenever he had any spare time as a hobby. It was therefore only understandable that I was going to follow in his footsteps, seeing as I spent every spare minute of my time side by side with him in his workshop.

All through school, I would be keen to get home and get back into the workshop, and as my final school years loomed, I was given my very own project to get on with courtesy of my father – that was a muscle car, and I have been a fan of such cars ever since!

However, with the end of high school on the horizon, one or two-family members were starting to express concerns about where I was heading educational wise. Though I was doing well and on course for good grades, I just couldn’t see myself sitting through college and then ending up in some tedious office job – that just wasn’t me.

So, I finished high school and then got myself a selective apprenticeship shadowing a fantastic mechanic, who to this day, some several years later, remains my mentor and one of my most treasured friends.

What Visitors Can Expect from The Sad Motor Website

I see so many blogs and websites being created daily, but never does there seem to be many places for those passionate about automobiles. Sure, there are the more prominent car dealers and the second-hand showrooms that also offer online areas, but where are the everyday car lover blogs for ordinary people just like you and me?

I meet so many automobile enthusiasts at auctions, trade shows, and other events, but when it comes to being online, it appears that the general car loving members of the public have been all but forgotten. Well, this is the place that I will change that, and I hope you will join in with such a movement.

This is a blog for anybody who has a genuine passion for the automobile industry. Regardless of age, sex or social status, this is a site to keep up with all the latest automobile news and find out about upcoming shows and events alongside accessing quality articles on all types of vehicles and how to repair and maintain your pride and joy.

(And as for the name of Sad Motor, it is merely a term of endearment that I have always used to refer to an ordinary motor as!)