Our Definitive Pick of the Top 5 Classic Cars of All Time

Cars have always been seen as a symbol of excitement and freedom. Our history is full of legendary cars that defined the eras in which they rocked the streets. Some of them are still a part of the imagination of contemporary car lovers. We have handpicked some of the most popular classic cars that graced our roads within the last 132 years.

VW Beetle

This car is known as an engineering marvel which was not limited to a specific culture. Beetle is still one of the most recognisable car models that stand for freedom and pleasure. The car has a universal appeal which enabled it to reach heights of success regardless of the age, gender and location of the users.

It is made for bold drivers who do not feel shy in driving a car that has an unorthodox model. You can get your Beetle through eBay or classified ads from owners.

Chevrolet Corvette

The tag of the most collected car in America is enough to define the popularity of this muscle car. The car is still iconic due to its looks and performance. In the 1960s we witnessed the emergence of a new niche of buyers who were overwhelmed by this car, and the trends have remained unchanged since then.

Corvette still looks fresh amidst the flood of cars that have futuristic designs. The car is an important aspect of U.S history as it fulfilled the “American dream” to its core.  You can still find the car with collectors and in auctions although it is hard to buy one from yourself.

Porsche 911

Vintage driving cannot be represented better by any other vehicle but the Porsche 911. The car is a stand out feature of the golden era as Hollywood and elites were in love with this beauty. The sports car gave one of the best driving experiences with an impressive performance which was combined with a breath-taking design. The engine produced a power of 160 hp which was enough to outrace the cars of that era.

Vintage Jeep

World War II gave us the most trustworthy and extensively used vehicle for general purpose i.e. Jeep. The first SUV was a 4×4 which made it an instant hit with rough drivers and adventure junkies. Jeep is not quick nor it’s comfortable yet it turns heads when it runs down the street. World history is incomplete without Jeep as it is the epitome of off-roading.

Shelby GT350

The pride of late 1960s was also known as ‘the cobra’ as it was a street racer with a V8 engine. The car roars as soon as you hit the accelerator and leaps forward instead of slowly catching on the speed. The 5.2- litre engine produces a staggering power of 526 hp which is more than enough to launch a massive adrenaline rush in your veins. The cobra is worth every penny you spend. There is hardly any classic car that can match its performance level.

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