The Best Electric Cars to Buy In 2018

The world has always been in awe of electric cars while being doubtful about their feasibility in the real world. The technology has seen rapid developments in the past few years. Now, these cars are boasting a spectacular performance, better than traditional cars while being environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the most awaited electric cars to be launched in 2018.

Tesla Model 3

Though the car has already been booked by more than 500,000 people yet its production has not started. The company has equipped the car with a 75-kWh battery than can serve you for 310 miles before needing another charge. The starting price of the base model will be around $35,000 with a range of 220 miles.

We are hoping to witness the dual motor- all wheel drive model later this year. It has a 15-inch touchscreen display that can be used for controlling every aspect of the vehicle. You will be able to fit in 15 cubic feet of cargo in its boot space. You can also upgrade to Tesla’s autopilot self-driving technology that is guaranteed to give it an edge over any electric vehicle available on the market.

Nissan Leaf

The electric car has a 40kWh battery pack and can serve you for 150 miles at a stretch. It has been redesigned to give it a sportier look. The new cutting-edge design is enough to give its competitors a run for their money. The car is performance oriented as it has a lot of space to fit five adults and the standard amount of cargo for a regular sized family.

Leaf offers you the technology of ProPilot assist that will control the basic functions of the car on your behalf like accelerating and braking. You can buy the base model at a starting price of $29,990.

Jaguar I-Pace

We will be seeing this high-performance SUV on the road after the second quarter of this year. The two electric motors will produce a power of 400-hp and torque of 516 pound-feet. The car will have a battery package of 90 kWh that will serve you for 220 miles before its battery dies out.

This SUV is made to comfort all the five passengers with their cargo. Defining features of the vehicle include spacious interiors, panoramic roof, centre console and a host of other cool features.

Audi E-Tron Quattro

Audi’s highly anticipated foray into electric vehicles will begin in 2018. In fact, we could see the E-Tron Quattro in the beginning of this year. It will get staggering power from 3 electric motors, one for the front and two for the rear axle. It will be cruising for 310 miles at a stretch, getting energy from its 95kWh battery package.

The car will take you from 0 to 62.1 mph in 4.6 seconds with a power of 496-hp and 590 pound-feet of torque. Audi is focused on mixing luxury with a futuristic look while giving practical features like semi-autonomous driving.

These are our top picks of electric cars you have to watch out for in 2018. They are fast, durable, need less maintenance and don’t pollute the environment. If you want to buy an electric vehicle, you know what to put your hands on.