Why Electric Cars Are A Part of Our Beautiful Future

Buying an electric car is still a distant reality for many of us as the technology is quite new and we have our doubts about its success.  For the matter of fact electric vehicles have their own set of advantages over traditional vehicles. Companies like Tesla have built their business model over this technology and it seems that other brands are also pushing it as our hope for future.

Why everyone loves electric cars

It doesn’t use gas

Electric cars are entirely run by a battery which means that you do not have to buy fossil fuels ever.  Fuel prices will always rise, and looking at the current situation, it is better to stop its usage completely. Although electricity is not free, yet it is way cheaper than spending $4000 on buying fuel per year.  With the shift towards electric vehicle we will witness lower prices for charging our cars that will further help in saving a lot of money.

Environment friendly

It is one of the main reasons electric vehicles have been getting a push by governments around the globe. As these cars do not run on gas, they emit no harmful chemicals in our environment. It is better to focus on purely electric cars rather than some hybrids launched in the market. Our decision to use electric vehicles will have a highly positive impact on our atmosphere and we will eventually turn around the harm we have been doing to our environment.


Electric vehicles may look a bit fragile but they are as strong as any robust traditional automobile we see on our roads. These cars go through strict fitness and safety tests before being available for purchases. In case of an accident the air bags are as responsive as any other normal car and the battery cuts the electricity supply to prevent any further damage.

Low maintenance

It is really easy to maintain an electric vehicle as you do not have to worry about lubricating the engine at any point of time. Moreover, you do not have to think about fixing the engine every now and then as the new technology has robust engine parts compared to the traditional ones.  The service intervals are also high so you do not have to take it to the service station as frequent as the traditional vehicle.

Reduced noise pollution

Imagine that all the vehicles on the road are electric and there is no extra noise to deal with. Our roads would become calm like they were 50 years ago. Moreover, traffic jams and peak time driving will become less hectic and more comfortable. It’s time that all of us except change and make our journeys less frantic and more pleasant.

Electric cars are our future and we should eliminate the use of traditional vehicles to undo some of the damage we did to Mother Nature. If more people will buy electric vehicles then the high purchasing cost will eventually go down.  This will make clean technology more affordable and our future generations will breathe cleaner air.