Maintenance Needs of a New Car Every Buyer Should Know

The most alluring feature shared by all the cotemporary cars is the lack of maintenance compared to the old ones. They need fewer services in order to keep them running smooth unlike the ones from the past which demanded a lot of attention, time and money.

Though these cars are more efficient, they do need some care and maintenance. If you delay or deny this care, the car will eventually start causing troubles for you.

Here are some tips for new car owners to keep their vehicles shining like new.

Washing the car

New cars are expected to look perfect but they cannot remain so until you put in some efforts to keep them shiny. You can create a schedule to clean your car according to your schedule. The frequency of car washes will depend upon your location and the fact that your car is parked inside your garage or on the road or lawn.

Moreover, you will have to clean the interiors of your car as they are more prone to discolouration and damage. It is better to clean the interiors after every use so you do not come across awful smells. Your car can keep looking fresh as long as you save it from becoming home to dust and stains.

Changing the filter

This is something most of the car owners do not know until they end up with a weak cooling system. The AC or air filter is necessary to keep your car’s cooling system working properly. You should always replace the filter every 20,000 miles. Their ability to work is also affected by the location you drive your car in. Keep checking the air filter to escape any situation of a rotten smell as soon as you use your car’s AC.

Engine oil change

Always check your car’s engine oil to guarantee fuel economy and a smooth ride. You will need to inspect any oil leakage as it can cause serious damage under the car’s bonnet. Change the oil if the colour turns to dark brown. Remember that engine oil reduces the friction in the moving parts inside the engine while keeping it cool and clean.

Checking the brakes

Experts advise to be sure about the condition of your braking mechanism as it is the most important aspect of car safety. You can take your vehicle to maintenance shops to undertake a thorough inspection of the brakes to change any broken parts, worn out pads, cracked drums etc. Immediately replace them if needed or you will have to spend a lot more money in case of brake fail.

Checking the battery

You should always check the terminals of your car’s battery as it is the only reason your car will ever start. Make sure that the terminals are perfectly attached without the hint of any corrosion under the battery caps. Battery inspection becomes more important if you are living in a warmer climate like California

If you keep in mind the above tips then you will surely become the proud owner of a car that not only looks good but runs like a knife on butter.