Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Safest Way to Travel

The world is a dangerous place. People die every day in terrifying collisions, accidents and incidents. That being said, an overwhelming majority of people make it home safe to their bed every night. These people commute to work every day by car, or motorbike, or train and 99% of the time, they make it in without a single problem. Although less frequent, millions of people travel by planes for business or pleasure and, again, so many people have a journey without a hitch.

But sometimes, things go wrongs, accidents happen and t can be really scary for everyone involved. Here’s a rundown of what the statistics say is the safest way to travel in everyday life.


A staggering statistic for you to ponder over your morning coffee is the fact that nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year around the world, averaging out at 3287 deaths per day. Not a great thing to think about if a car is your commuting mode of choice when you’re on your way to work.

Road traffic accidents account for over 2% of deaths globally year on year and are 9th most common cause of death, costing individual countries 1-2% of their annual gross domestic profit.

Saying that, think about how many cars you see on the road every day without a problem in the world and how many people you know that make it home all ok?


Trains are one of the most commonly used forms of transport the world over, it provides a travel infrastructure that makes traversing countries and continents a hundred times easier for the general public. If you ignore the politics of it all (privatisation, ridiculously priced tickets etc), it’s actually a very pleasant way to travel.

Think about it, someone else is in control, there’s beautiful scenery, it’s fast and you can just sit back and relax.

There are still dangers though, and even though there are only .24 deaths per one billion miles travelled, many of these people end up contacting an Amtrak accident lawyer ion order to recover compensation for injuries and inconvenience.


Motorbikes and bikers get a bad rap for their attitude and danger value, but it really comes down to the person sat on top and the other drivers on the road. A motorbike can be super safe – provided all the necessary precautions are taken. Per billion miles travelled, biker deaths come out on top at a staggering 212.57 deaths per billion miles travelled.

Common advice for bikers is to always wear your leathers, wear high vid, expect the unexpected and don’t risk your life by trying to be evil Knievel.

On a motorbike, you’re not protected by a big metal box, your fragile human body is susceptible to all of the elements and all of the dangers that would normally be ‘softened’ by the protective shell of your car.


Without a doubt, the safest way to travel is by plane. Sure it’s a big tin can in the sky, but the amount of crashes and incidents is the lowest rate out of all the modes of transport.

Plane crashes only garner so much attention BECAUSE they’re so rare.