Used Volkswagen- What Are the Best Models?

Volkswagens are, without a doubt, some of the coolest cars you could ever own. And when you get them used, you are no doubt picking up a sweet car at a good price. It’s a bit of affordable luxury in a world where the price of everything just seems really out of hand. And there is much to love about Volkswagen-everything from its diesel engine options to overall great looking cars that let you drive in luxury but still keep those dollars in your wallet.

VW Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is a great little car that has been in production since our moms and dads were kids, so something had to be done right in order to keep making it! Since 1973, this popular sedan is found on many a roadway. It is large for a sedan and is great for those that need a lot of cargo space but do not want to step into the SUV world (yet). This is a great introduction to the brand if you are interested in exploring any used Volkswagen.

It’s great for families, and you can definitely find a great used Passat just by looking around for a good deal. You can get up to 32 MPG with most of these cars, and if you get the diesel version, things get even better. Look for Passat TDI, and you can enjoy 45 MPG with good diesel power. You can definitely hear it in the sound of the engine, but the full size and comfortable nature of this car will make you glad you got it.

VW Golf

Golf is a popular model at a low price. This is VW’s hatchback, and comes in four and two door models. You can get it in diesel or gas. This one gets the best gas mileage out of the Passat and the Jetta thanks to it being a smaller vehicle. They still have a great amount of room and are great for those on the go or single drivers. Learn how to put your stuff on the roof rack and you will really be in business!

This car replaces the VW Rabbit, which was also a beloved hatchback. You can also get this in a station-wagon model, which will give you more room in the back. And if you really want to get fancy, opt for the GTI (Grand Tourer Injection) model, AKA the high-performance variant of this auto. Again, it is just a fantastic way to get a great buy and not break the bank!

VW Jetta

The Jetta is another great car you can get for cheap if you look hard enough. There are tons of great used Jettas from years gone by. It is smaller than the Passat and has been in production since 1979. It is more compact that the VW Passat, but still gives you that great interior space. If you are a single driver, this car will work out well for you. You can fold down the seats for more room. You can add a trailer hitch to tow light loads along.

The Jetta gets super good fuel mileage, for example if you buy the diesel model you can expect 50 MPG or more so long as you keep it maintained and in good shape. These cars go for pretty cheap, heck even the new ones are rather inexpensive. No matter what you do, you will get a reliable car with stellar fuel mileage.

VW Beetle

We end by telling you about the most iconic of all the Volkswagens. Does anybody remember those Herbie the Love Bug movies? If so, you probably remember the VW Beetle- it is a classic Volkswagen that you just can’t mistake for any other car. In a sea of lookalikes, this one really stands out. The shape of the car is just in a class of its own, and no matter which one you choose-old or new-you will get a reliable and fun ride.

You can also opt for a diesel model when you go for this car. You can avoid passing emissions testing in this regard and enjoy a longer engine life as well as pack on more miles. If you have always wanted to get in on owning a fun, iconic car, now is the time to do it. The Volkswagen Beetle will cease production in 2019. Get in on it while you can. Of course, parts will be made for a while afterward, but do not put your goal off any longer.


Owning a Volkswagen is about making sure you get the rare blend of luxury, value, and function. With the diesel engines giving you that great fuel economy and the space these things offer, you really can’t go wrong. Shop for a great used VW, find what you like and take it to your mechanic for a look. Then get to enjoying your car!